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Meeting Expectations

Updated: 4 days ago

Part Two: How to Ensure Performance Expectations are Being Met

Now that you have conducted your one-on-one meetings with your team members and have each shared your general expectations, you are ready to move to the next step –getting more specific and clarifying their role by utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs).  Determining KPIs and customizing the list for each team member provides everyone with an agreed upon document of expectations and ultimately provides a quantitative way to measure performance.


In addition, this presents an opportunity to engage with your team member(s) in a meaningful dialogue when you will:

  • Listen without judging,

  • Collaboratively explore options to get on the same page and “agree” on performance expectations, and

  • Manage Expectations by being honest, transparent, and realistic (LCME


Suggested open ended questions to enable productive conversations:

  • Provide me with some additional details and/or examples. 

  • Help me understand why this is important and/or critical.

  • Of the (x) number of items you mentioned, can you prioritize their importance for me?


Once each individual has their KPIs in hand, you can conduct a team exercise when each team member presents their KPIs to the group and solicits feedback. Shared KPIs encourages an open environment, collective decision-making, and built in accountability between team members. KPIs can be shared with others in the organization to expand the development of an open culture.



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