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Is your business experiencing the
growth, scalability, and success

 you envisioned?

We can get you there.

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You are ready to move forward.
We identify the issues and work together with you and your team to find solutions.

We work one-on-one with you, your leaders, and your team. Our holistic approach to your specific business and people challenges includes extensive work with you to develop internal processes and technology, yet always coming back to the fact that the strength of every organization lies with its people. Strong people, collaboration, efficient processes, and established systems will lead your organization into the future, and we provide the knowledge and tools to get you there.


Reduce turnover by 5% to 10% within the first year.

Provide you with a step-by-step scalable and repeatable process for the success of your company and your #1 resource, your people.

Bring everyone onto the same page, speaking the same language, and engaged for success.

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When team members leave your organization, there are clear and hidden costs to your stability and bottom line, including:

  • Loss of productivity

  • Loss of institutional knowledge

  • Loss of customers

  • Negative impact on the company culture

  • Costs for recruiting and training new staff

  • Lower profitability


We help businesses succeed through the strength of their people and processes.

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We are turnover prevention specialists for one reason: in my 35+ years of corporate human resources experience, both as an internal leader and in a consulting capacity, one thing has become very apparent: the strength of every organization lies with its people. Turnover is costly and inefficient—we work with you to retain your most valuable contributors. Of course, we ensure that your company is operating efficiently, and we help establish effective systems, yet developing engaged teams within your organization is the true path to success. 


Easier said than done, you say? Throughout my career, as a leader for Verizon (a Fortune 500 company) and at Medimmune (now AstraZeneca) where I was instrumental in growing the company from 300 employees to over 2,000 employees, I have learned important strategies for leaders to make sure their teams are inspired and working towards a common goal. 


In addition, we understand and value the unique challenges of working with small- to mid-size businesses and how to identify their pain points to focus on realistic, cost-effective solutions. We have guided leaders through rapid organic growth, as well as through mergers and acquisitions. 


Our process: We coach leaders while involving team members—it works. We help you develop and spread the core values and culture that make your team feel safe and secure while performing at their best and enable you to attract top talent. By sharing our knowledge, experience, and strategies, we work together so that your organization grows and thrives.

Our Story


  • ​Put the right people in place to deliver

  • Development and training for your leaders

  • Create collaboration for a healthy work environment

  • Establish a scalable infrastructure

  • Reduce turnover and realize efficiencies

We bring the experience, expertise and resources you need to succeed.​


“Jeff Levin played a key role in the development of Cardiocore - Biotel - Research. He built and continuously improved the company's HR department and processes from an early start-up stage, through profitability and rapid growth —ultimately to the successful sale of the business to a larger, public company. Along with all the tangible successes, Jeff is also a thoughtful and effective communicator, who earns deep trust from his colleagues.”

Scott Satin
CEO President & Founder Cardiocore - Bio Tel Research



Let's Talk

Building a Business is Hard Work
But it Doesn't Have to be Painful.

Levin HR Consulting develops leaders in small to mid-size businesses through personalized coaching and guidance by engaging people and ensuring systems are in place to support the growth, scalability, and success of the organization. Contact us today for a FREE assessment of where you are in your journey to success.

​​Tel: 301-801-9271


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